About Us

HASHMOB is a group of hard core cannabis activists dedicated to the repeal of prohibition, founded by supporters of the Up In Smoke Cafe in Hamilton Ontario & Vapor Central in Toronto.

HASHMOB headquarters are inside Cannabis Culture, known for their crazy cannabis antics, which have included giving away Joints on CHtv News, CP24, over a pound of pot on the steps of City Hall, Bubble Hash at Yonge and Dundas, Joints at the US Consulate, and Magic Bus trips everywhere. Visitors can often find Cannabis Culture contributors and other promient Pot TV potheads lounging at Cannabis Culture.

HASHMOB is a loose collection of marijuana enthusiasts who protest pot prohibition. Where ever prohibition rears its ugly head there is Hash Mob with megaphones, banners and signs to draw attention to the War on Drugs.

Their take no prisoner approach pushes prohibitionists back and leaves traditional activists behind. The activist group is best known for their annual 420 smoke outs, but their slew of accolades from MP sit ins, courthouse bail hearing protests, to compassion club raid response, is often overlooked because their 4/20 rally is very successful.